APALA Declares Support for Prince George’s County Public School Teachers


August 1, 2011


Heather Laverty

Vice President of Communications

Email: lavertyhm@gmail.com

Phone: 269-598-2235

Jon Melegrito

Email: jonmele@aol.com

Phone: 202-361-0296

APALA Declares Support for Prince George’s County Public School Teachers

WASHINGTON, DC- Delegates to the 11thBiennial Convention of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) unanimously passed a resolution urging the U.S. Dept. of Labor (DOL) to “reconsider making the debarment ruling against the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) prospective, instead of retroactive, so it will not affect the teachers who are currently in this country.” The resolution also called for “an immediate remedy that is fair and just to these diligent and dedicated teachers.” The more than 300 Asian Pacific activists, representing major labor unions in the country, further pledged to study ongoing trends and reported abuses by placement agencies in the recruitment of international teachers.

Katrina Dizon, President of the DC Chapter of APALA, who introduced the resolution at the convention, said: “Although we realize that the DOL is upholding the law by debarring PGCPS, we strongly believe that a punishment victimizing the very people it’s supposed to protect is grossly unjust. Workers should not be afraid to speak up against abusive employers due to the fear of retaliation, and that’s exactly what is going on here.”

“We are truly appreciative of DOL’s decision to have PGCPS pay these teachers back the wages owed to them,” adds Johanna Hester, National President of APALA. “This is just one of the many examples of how immigrant workers are consistently exploited, and we are looking forward to working with other unions and the DOL for steps on how to support immigrant workers, like the PGCPS teachers, without punishing them further.”

This ruling was set forth by DOL to punish PGCPS for illegal deductions made to their teachers’ wages for visa processing fees, which by law, should have been shouldered by them. PGCPS eventually compensated the educators for these wages but is now refusing to process the extension of their visas, due to this ruling.

At the APALA Convention this past weekend, APALA leaders spoke to U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and her staff on behalf of the teachers. “We are very appreciative of the Secretary who found time to meet with us and learn more about the issue,” Dizon said. “We hope a reasonable solution favorable to the teachers will come out of it.” Secretary Solis was a keynote speaker at the convention.


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