MD & DC State Federation of Labor Convention

APALA-DC was extremely busy before Thanksgiving weekend!  Not only were members present at the University of Maryland’s annual FUEL conference, but we also attended the Maryland & District of Columbia AFL-CIO State Federation of Labor Convention at the National Labor College.

As a constituency group, APALA-DC was given a seat on the executive board.  APALA-DC member, Monica Thammarath, was sworn into the executive board on Friday, November 18th and was assigned to the Human and Civil Rights Committee.  To welcome the delegates, U.S. Rep Eleanor Holmes-Norton, Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, and U.S. Senator Ben Cardin all gave remarks.  Rep. Holmes-Norton joked around about having trouble leaving the city to come up to the suburbs, Attorney General Douglas Gansler called the group to support marriage equality and the MD DREAM Act, Governor O’Malley called the group to help with not just elections in MD but also in VA and PA, and Senator Cardin thanked the group for their support.  Also on Friday, the federation hosted a reception for all the constituency groups and APALA-DC President, Katrina Dizon, attended and passed out information on APALA to other attendees.

In addition to having amazing speakers come and share information, the delegates also passed some really important resolutions to support a unified labor movement, “Buy America” efforts, jobs for youth, postal service, social security, single payer and medicare for all, paycheck fairness, educating members about health risks, bringing troops home, prudent banking, candidates showing 100% ratings by the AFL-CIO, marriage equality, the DREAM act, the “Occupy Movement,” good jobs in America, Verizon workers, new rule making for H-2B visas, infrastructure development, National Labor College, workers rights in public private partnerships, and transit workers.  In addition, resolutions were also passed to oppose “right to work” and “paycheck deception” legislation, collective bargaining attacks, voter suppression.

Being active and building relationships with other MD & DC AFL-CIO unions will definitely help in our 2012 election plans!


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