APALA-DC Participates in NaFAA Civic Engagement Conference in Virginia Beach

Photo Credit: Jon Melegrito

This Saturday, APALA-DC President, Katrina Dizon joined DNC AAPI Outreach Director, Naomi Tacuyan Underwood and other members of APALA-DC and KAYA-DC (formerly Filipino Americans for Obama) at the National Federation of Filipino American Association’s (NaFAA) Capital Region Civic Engagement Conference. Several local officials and leaders in the Filipino American community were invited to discuss the obstacles and strategies in getting out the vote in the Virginia Beach community, which has historically been a high density Filipino American area. The event was attended by approximately 70 participants.

Dizon and Tacuyan spoke on a panel entitled “U.S. Elections 2012-Issues & Civic Engagement”. While Tacuyan presented the landscape of Filipino American voting patterns and the potential impact on their community, Dizon spoke to the issues that affect them.

“I wanted to speak to the issue of comprehensive immigration reform, as Filipinos have one of the highest undocumented immigrant populations in the U.S. among all other AAPI groups,” said Dizon. “APALA-DC has been on the forefront of this debate and we will continue to work with our allies to fight toward a just immigration system.”


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