APALA-DC and Allies Mobilize at Annual Asian Festival

Photo Credit: Linh Hoang, VAFO
Photo Credit: Linh Hoang, VAFO

Washington, DC- On Saturday, July, 21 the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance DC (APALA-DC) Chapter braved the rainy weather to mobilize members and register voters alongside volunteers of Obama for America (OFA) in Northern Virginia. Since kicking off their 2012 Every Vote Counts Civic Engagement Training back in March 31, APALA-DC has been actively engaged in voter outreach to ensure the Asian American and Pacific Islander community’s voices are heard this election year.

This two day event put together by various AAPI community leaders and local businesses to promote greater understanding of Asian countries and cultures, was the perfect venue to engage the AAPI community in preparation for the upcoming election.

Last Saturday was no exception. Equipped with umbrellas and clipboards, APALA-DC members joined allies, Vietnamese Americans for Obama (VAFO), Filipino Americans for Progress (KAYA) and Asian American Action Group (AAAG) to register dozens of voters at the Annual Asian Festival held at George Mason University.

“The voter registration drive in Virginia was an exciting event to volunteer for, and it got me charged up to see the support for President Obama,” said Darren Shiroma, Exec Asst to the Int’l President, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO and also a member of APALA-DC. ” I’m definitely looking forward to opportunities to support President Obama and the campaign, and I hope to see more collaboration between APALA and our allies in the next few months.”

With the growing power and presence of Asian Americans in this key battleground state and 11 seats up for grabs in the House this November, APALA-DC will continue their civic engagement work with allies, up until election day . Past voter registration activities have included presence at the Korean-American Association of Virginia 9th Annual Job Fair and the Dragon Boat Festival in downtown Washington, DC.


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