DC City Council Hearing on Living Wages for Tipped Workers

October 28 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Paid Sick Days and The Living Wage for Tipped Workers Campaign is heading into the final days before the hearing on Oct. 28th. We got to this point because of your commitment and we are going to need you to continue to be involved, to ensure all workers have Paid Sick Days and an opportunity to earn a living wage!

proto: Woong Chang
proto: Woong Chang

If you’d like to testify at the hearing, please sign up HERE. To keep track of individuals who are testifying or would like to be present, please email jeremiah@rocunited.org if you plan on testifying or attending the hearing.

FACT: The minimum wage for tipped workers in Washington, DC is currently just $2.77 an hour

FACT: The tipped minimum wage has not been increased in over 20 years

FACT: DC Restaurant workers are unhealthy and unable to purchase affordable health insurance

FACT: Many DC restaurant employers ignore the law. 

FACT: The Restaurant industry is a segregated by gender and race. 

Get more of the facts from the  ROC-DC fact sheet.

– See more at: http://rocunited.org/event/city-council-hearing-on-living-wages-for-tipped-workers/#sthash.Zj6RqVRJ.dpuf


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